Himansu Shekhar Rout

Ollywood actor Buddhaditya Mohanty filed a complaint at Bidanasi Police Station in Cuttack on Wednesday against a film producer over a derogatory post on social media.

In the complaint, the actor said that he was mentally hurt after an objectionable and derogatory post maligning his reputation was uploaded on social media by the producer in question. 

He further alleged that the same producer even made objectionable remarks against him in a WhatsApp group.  

According to sources, some senior artistes of Ollywood tried to settle the issue, but all attempts failed. Finally, Buddhaditya took up the matter with the police. 

Budhaditya said, “A young producer Preetam Sahoo has commented that I am not a star. My value is zero. He indulged in body-shaming and age-shaming."  

No reactions were received from the concerned producer  and the police.

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