Vikash Sharma

It is often said that liquor is the root cause of several problems as it considerably reduces the ability of people to differentiate between what is right and wrong.

In one such incident, two men have been accused of feasting on human flesh collected from a crematorium in Odisha. The shocking incident has been reported from Dantunibindha village under Badasahi block of Mayurbhanj district.

As per initial reports, the villagers had taken the body of a 25-year-old girl, who died of some illness, to the crematorium for conducting the funeral.

It is alleged that two men took a large piece of the half-charred body and consumed it.

Both the accused were brutally thrashed after the villagers came to know about the incident. Later, the villagers handed over the duo to the police.

Both the men have been detained by police and they are being interrogated. However, no comments could be obtained from the police personnel over the incident.

“Both the men noticed that some portion of the body was not fully burnt. Later, they chopped the flesh into some pieces and  initially informed to again throw it into the pyre and they took some pieces and consumed it,” alleged Laba Singh, an eye-witness.