Himansu Shekhar Rout

The sweltering heat is now making life miserable in Odisha. In this situation, the air conditioning system has reportedly gone out of order at the non-trauma casualty ward of the SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack. 

As per reports, amid extremely sultry conditions outside and inside, the defunct AC has made things worse for the sunstroke-hit patients who are undergoing treatment in this ward.

It was reported that the hot air generated inside the tin-roof building of the non-trauma casualty has compounded the sufferings of the patients.

Suryamani Pradhan, a relative of the patient from Badamba, lamented, "Fans are moving, but hot air is making life miserable for patients inside. We have to negotiate with severe heat inside.”

Sasmita Nayak, a relative of another patient from Dhenkanal said, "What will be the condition of our patient here if AC is not working? No AC is working inside.”

Sources said that the problem has cropped up following a cease-work stir by contractors looking after the electrical maintenance work at SCB Medical College and Hospital. The contractors are said to have been protesting for their pending dues.

As for the issue, Abhinash Rout, Registrar administration-cum-General Superintendent of  SCB Medical College and Hospital, said, “There are 17 ACs in the non-trauma casualty ward. They are not working due to low voltage issues. Tata Power staff will take stock of the situation and set it right soon.”


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