Pradeep Pattanayak

What happened at Angul Collector's office on Monday was quite uncommon. A man along with his four-day-old calf arrived at the Collector’s office, with an out-of-the-ordinary grievance. 

According to sources, the cow of Tarun Kumar Samal, a resident of Nuahata village under Banarpal block had given birth to a calf. The calf was born with a defect. It was born with its anus closed. Because of this, it was experiencing a lot of pain. A worried Tarun took the animal to Banarpal veterinary dispensary. On reaching there, he found the veterinary doctors on strike. His hope of getting his calf treated was torn asunder when the doctors refused to attend to his calf. 

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Thereafter, he visited several veterinary doctors but was turned away by all of them.

With no option left, Tarun carrying his calf in his arms reached the district Collector’s office, leaving all baffled. 

“My calf is four days old. It is born with no anus for which it has been experiencing a lot of pain. Can we remain mute spectators? Can we leave it to die? What if this happens to one of our family members? When the agitating veterinary doctors turned me down saying they couldn’t do anything, I was left with no option but to visit the Collector’s office,” said Tarun. 

On the other hand, the agitating veterinary doctors said they are sympathetic toward the poor calf but the government is responsible for the pain the calf is enduring. 

“We also feel sorry for not being able to treat the calf. What can we do? Our hands are tied. The association has asked us to refrain from providing services. We are yet to understand why the government is turning a deaf ear to our demands?” said Dr Keshab Chandra Pradhan, deputy director of the District veterinary hospital (DVH), Angul.

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