Himansu Shekhar Rout

For the last 11 days, healthcare services to livestock across Odisha have been affected as veterinary doctors are on mass leave over their multiple demands.

Their major demands include upgradation of livestock centres and restructuring of their cadre. The veterinary doctors also demanded that the government should make provision of free healthcare services to domestic animals and open livestock centres in each panchayat. 

As per reports, there are 543 livestock centres in the state and only 1300 veterinary doctors are working against the requirement of 1910. Moreover, most livestock centres do not have the tools and infrastructure to ensure service. 

Odisha Veterinary Service Association, the body of veterinary doctors, has warned to carry on their mass leave if the state government fails to meet their demands.  

President of Odisha Veterinary Service Association Dr Jadunath Parida said, ”We are taking user’s fees from people while providing treatment to their livestock. We have been demanding for a long time that this user’s fee should be scrapped. We also demand restructuring of our cadre.”

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