Himansu Shekhar Rout

'Akhada' processions will not be carried out during the celebration of Hanuman Jayanti in Sambalpur this year. 
A decision to this effect was taken at the peace and coordination committee meeting chaired by Collector Akshay Sunil Agarwal on Tuesday. 

As per the decision, people are expected to celebrate the Jayanti while staying in their homes and villages. 

However, celebrations of the Jayanti will be carried out at temples and hamlets. 

Moreover, a decision was taken that no bike rallies as part of celebratory processions will be allowed on thoroughfares in Sambalpur town.

The district administration appealed to the people to abide by the decision taken to ensure peace and harmony during the Hanuman Jayanti celebration.        

Speaking to the media, Collector Akshay Sunil Agarwal said, “Representatives of all communities were present at the meeting. We have several festivals like Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, Ramadan, and Ambedkar Jayanti. The celebrations will be held in temples and hamlets, but we have stopped grand processions and bike rallies on roads.”

People of all communities have assured the administration of cooperation, he added.

Sambalpur SP Mukesh Bhamoo said, "We had a discussion about celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti and Ram Navami. The administration has requested the people for cooperation. People can go in for the celebrations at temples or holy places. But processions and rallies are denied on roads. They have suggested the administration for patrolling.”

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