Himansu Shekhar Rout

Power and position command respect from subordinates, but when people holding such power and position reciprocate with love, compassion, and respect, it wins hearts and sets them apart from others. 

Not one, but two such instances were witnessed recently. First, during the marriage ceremony of the daughter of a class-four employee of Odisha Raj Bhawan and the next during the retirement of another class-four employee of the state police headquarters.

Patittapaban Routray is a class-four employee of Raj Bhawan. During the marriage of Routray's daughter, Governor Raghubar Das, who is now known for his hectic tours to rural areas, took out time to attend the ceremony. He offered bouquets to the bride and the groom, wishing them a happy conjugal life. The Governor also posed for photographs with Routray’s family members. 

Patitapaban was effusive in his praise for the Governor, saying,” I am very happy the Governor came to my daughter’s marriage ceremony. I can't express my joy openly. The Governor came and tried to know my weal and woes. He is very gentle and a good person who pays heed to the plight of the poor.”  

Dhani Nayak had been working as a sweeper at the Police Hospital in Bidanasi. He retired from service on Thursday. A valedictory ceremony was held for Nayak. It was really an emotional moment when DGP Arun Kumar Sarangi embraced Nayak with love and respect. Sarangi was forgetful of his power and position. Eyes of both welled up with tears. It was the outcome of a bond between Sarangi and Nayak based on mutual love and respect.

During the moment, Nayak was never allowed to feel he was inferior. 

Dhani Nayak waxed eloquent on the occasion and was all praise for the DGP for his love and affection. He said, “I am mere subordinate – a sweeper. The officer of such a high position like the DGP embraced me with warm affection and respect on the day of my retirement. I am on cloud nine.”

Nayak further said, “I never thought I would be given a farewell with respect. The DGP sir also gave me gifts.”

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