Vikash Sharma

Several questions still remain unanswered on what prompted the Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Gopal Krushna Das to fire at Odisha Health Minister Naba Kishore Das leading to his death subsequently.

ASI Gopal Krushna Das was posted at Gandhi chowk outpost and notably his brother was running a hotel in the name of ‘Berhampur hotel’ at Brajarajnagar as well. The hotel was only set up some one month back. Gopal’s brother was also selling pickles and papad at the hotel.

What has raised suspicion is the fact that the hotel, which was operating till Saturday, was closed on the day when ASI Gopal Krushna Das fired on health minister Naba Das soon after he got down from his vehicle to attend a programme on Sunday (January 29).

Whether it was a mere coincidence or there is something fishy behind the hotel being kept closed on the fateful day? It has led to several apprehensions whether Gopal had did it intentionally after proper planning and asked his brother to go home after closing down the hotel.

According to local residents, the hotel was opened some one month back and the ASI Gopal Das also frequented the hotel of his elder brother.

“The hotel was being run by Gopal Das’ brother. He also used to come to my shop as well. The staff of the hotel also purchased articles from my shop. I have not seen the hotel opening after Saturday,” said a local resident.

Meanwhile, a team of Odisha Crime Branch today visited the ancestral home of ASI Gopal Das in Berhampur and interrogated his wife and other family members.

(Reported by OdishaTV Bureau)