Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A woman from Tensa area under Koida block in Sundargarh district received a money order of Rs 500 recently that was sent by his brother in 2018 for ‘Sabitri Brata’ thanks to the neglect by Postal Department.

As per reports, Sumitra Biswal’s brother from Sector-8, Rourkela had sent a money order of Rs 500 to her sister, who lives just 100 km away from the city, at the Sector-19 post office on May 9, 2018.

Though he received a receipt from the concerned staff, he did not inform the same to her sister and Sumitra also did not ask him anything about it.

To her utter dismay, Sumitra received a money order of Rs 500 on November 26, 2022. Subsequently, she informed her brother and asked about the money. Sumitra’s brother also got shocked and remembered that he had sent the money order in 2018.

Sumitra blamed the postal department for the neglect. “My brother had sent me the money in 2018. I was surprised to get it after four years in 2022. The money order took more than four years to reach a distance of 100 km. It was due to negligence by the postal staff. When I enquired about the matter from the concerned post office, they could not give me any satisfactory answers,” said Sumitra.

Upon being asked about the lapse, Koida sub-postmaster Abinash Barla said, a departmental inquiry has been ordered into the matter after it came to their notice.

“I have no knowledge about the development then. I just saw the money order pending after joining recently and cleared it immediately,” said Barla.

“Our systems were migrating then. The staff might not have got the data because of the migration,” he added.