Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A 69-year-old man fell into Mahanadi river from Chaurapur bridge in Sambalpur district on Tuesday morning while taking a selfie with his mobile phone. 

Later, he was rescued by the fire services personnel.

The man has been identified as Surendra Mohan Mishra.

Mishra, a retired government servant, claimed that he didn’t have any problem at home. His legs slipped and he fell into the river while taking selfie on the railing of the bridge.

“I fell into the river as my legs slipped while taking a selfie. My mobile phone also fell into the river. It happened as I have neurological problems. While being swept away by the current of the river, I didn’t have any hope of survival. However, I managed to hold a weed bush. Later, I was rescued by the fire services personnel,” said Mishra.

As per reports, many local people were having morning work at the time when the incident happened. Following the development, they informed the local police and fire services personnel who rushed to the spot and started the rescue operation immediately.