Mrunal Manmay Dash

In a shocking incident, several idols of Lord Jagannath were carried in tractor trolleys and immersed in the sea at Talasari under Balasore’s Bhogarai block.

As per reports, Bhogarai Adhyatmik Committee organised a nine-day religious programme that involved 32-beshas of Lord Jagannath. However, after conclusion of the programme, the organiser chose to immerse all the 32 idols of Lord Jagannath in several beshas in the sea by carrying it unceremoniously in tractor trolleys.

The news of the immersion attracted resentment from Jagannath lovers and culture experts, according to whom Lord Jagannath is considered as ‘Daru Dian’ (Wooden Deity). So His idols are never immersed like earthen idols of other Gods.

Speaking about the immersion, Jagannath culture expert, Suryanarayan Rathasharma said, “This is not the first time such kind of a thing was done in Jaleswar. I have seen it 2-3 times before too. They should have thought about it before making Lord Jagannath ride a tractor trolley. The way, the Lord of the Universe was carried on a tractor and immersed in the sea, was disrespectful and has hurt the religious sentiments of the devotees.”

“In fact, the organisers of the event have made this a business. Lord Jagannath is much above these kinds of thoughts. They should have known the actual rituals and the rules to obey when worshiping Lord Jagannath before putting up a show like this,” he said.

However, after the controversy and condemnation, the organisers of the event admitted to their mistake and apologised.

“This is the first time 32 beshas of Lord Jagannath was done at Helipad field in Bhogarai. A lot of devotees availed darshan of Lord Jagannath for nine days. But the idols should not have been immersed. This is absolutely wrong and I seek apologies from the Lord for my mistake,” said the organiser, Patitapaban Pradhan.