Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In the first instance of a cadaveric kidney transplant at the SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack, a team of doctors successfully retrieved and transplanted the kidneys of a brain-dead patient onto two persons on Tuesday.

As per reports, a woman from Jagatpur area was admitted to the cardiothoracic department in critical condition and doctors declared her brain-dead. However, both of her kidneys were in good condition. A team of doctors requested the family members of the woman to donate the kidneys. 

Following their approval, those who had applied for getting kidneys on donation at the hospital were called in. After conducting the necessary tests and cross-matching, it was found that two kidneys of the brain-dead patient have been matching with two patients.

Later, a team of 17 doctors from different departments like cardiothoracic, anesthesia, nephrology and urology conducted the complex operations to remove both the kidneys from the brain-dead patient and transplanted the organs into two persons. The team started the operations at around 2 am and took around five hours to complete it successfully.

Earlier, kidneys have been transplanted at SCB Medical College and Hospital four times. However, those organs were collected from different private hospitals and brought to SCB through green corridor.

As per hospital sources, a cadaveric transplant is a surgical procedure by which the organs of a brain dead donor are taken for transplantation. Cadaveric organ donors must be those who have suffered sudden structural and irreversible damage to the brain or brainstem.