Cassian Baliarsingh

Ollywood singer Humane Sagar on Friday opened up before the media and refuted all allegations of religious conversion and domestic violence brought against him by his wife Shriya Mishra and her family.

Speaking to the media, the ‘Tu Mo Love Story’ fame singer said, “We honour and respect all religions. We don’t have the right to force anyone to embrace our religion. I have suffered severe mental agony due to the allegations brought against me.”

“We are on the side of truth. I have firm faith that everything will be sorted out. I and my family still love Shriya and her family. I am obviously hurt by the allegations but I want to solve the dispute amicably. They have taken two days' time. So, I hope for the best,” he added.

Similarly, the singer’s mother also trashed the allegations of pressuring her daughter-in-law for religious conversion.

“We have Lord Jagannath's photo in our house. My daughter-in-law worships Lord Jagannath. Whenever her parents come, they also worship here. All the workers here also worship Lord Jagannath openly. We have no objection,” said Humane’s mother.

When questioned about what she wanted now, she said, “We both mother and son have agreed to a mutual agreement. But, they have sought two days' time. I am missing my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. I will be happy if they live together happily.”

A day back, Humane Sagar’s father-in-law had accused the noted playback singer of multiple affairs and making attempts to kill his daughter. Although the couple had a love marriage, Humane later started forcing Shriya to convert to Christianity, Shriya’s father alleged.

Besides, Humane has been accused of physically and mentally torturing Shriya.

Worth mentioning, Shriya on Tuesday accused Humane Sagar of torturing her mentally and physically and approached the Mahila Police. Subsequently, the couple was called for counselling for the mutual settlement of the matter.


(Reported by Debasis Mohanty, OTV)