Rashmi Rekha Das

Father-in-law of Humane Sagar on Thursday alleged that the Odia playback singer was having multiple affairs and he even tried to kill his daughter.

Humane’s wife Shriya Mishra filed a complaint with Mahila police on Tuesday against the singer. Following this, both Humane and Shriya deposed at the police station on Thursday.

"Humane started torturing my daughter after she became pregnant. For the last five years, my daughter has been meted out torture. Though we tried to resolve issues between them, it went in vain," alleged Shriya's father.

He continued: "When our efforts failed to evoke any result, we knocked the door of justice. Humane even tried to kill my daughter. Humane even did not retreat from misbehaving with me. I want justice for my daughter.”

Though Shriya Mishra filed the complaint, police are yet to register a case in this regard because they want to sort out the marital dispute between Humane and his wife through counseling. Police may register a case today if mutual counseling fails to sort out issues between them.

Going by the allegations leveled by Shriya, Humane has been meting out physical and mental torture for quite last few years. Besides, she accused him of not helping her financially. Humane allegedly beat her black and blue when she stopped him from taking alcohol. She also accused Humane of having affair with another girl and threatening her with life.

Humane Sagar’s lawyer said, “We are yet to receive copy of the FIR. They have been living separately for the last four months. However, Humane wants to sort out it through mutual settlement.” 

On the other hand, Shriya’s lawyer said, “Humane wanted to convert Shriya to Christianity and Shriya was against it. Besides, she was subjected to torture for dowry. Even after giving Rs 10 lakh cash and a luxury car, Humane never stopped torturing my client. He kept on asking for more dowry. Despite having love marriage, Humane tried to kill Shriya by slitting her throat.”

Terming the allegations levelled against Humane Sagar as baseless, the singer's mother said, “Humane never drinks alcohol. It is Shriya’s family including her father; mother and brother that made him consume alcohol. They used to make him drink alcohol. I want both of them to live happily through mutual settlement.” 
When asked about dowry, Humane’s mother went on to add that “Be it cars or land, everything has been bought in her name. Since her marriage in 2015, we have never asked to change her religion. These allegations are not true at all.”

“Am I a murderer? Why would I try to kill her? All these allegations levelled against me are completely baseless. I love all religions. If that is not the case, I wouldn't have sung Jagannath bhajan,” said Humane in his reaction.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Amitabh Mohapatra said “Following counselling, both Humane and Shriya have taken two days’ time to reach a consensus. If they fail to resolve the matter, police will proceed.

Reported by Debasis Mohanty, OTV