Himansu Shekhar Rout

A human skeleton was discovered in a forest near the RMC Market Complex along the Bhadrak-Chandbali Road on Thursday. 

While mystery shrouded the death, given the condition of the skeleton, it is suspected to be lying there for several months. There are no clues if it was a murder or suicide, though a piece of rope was found near a tree there, informed sources.
As per reports, some people of the RMC Market Complex stumbled upon the skeleton while carrying out a cleaning drive in the forest. 

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On being informed, police started an investigation with the help of a scientific team at the site. Police recovered shoes, a bag, a trouser, and a shirt from near the skeleton. Besides, a rope was found near a tree. 

Puruna Bazaar Police started an investigation about the identity of the person whose skeleton was found.

Fariyaad Khan, councilor of ward-17 in Bhadrak municipality said, “Some staff of the RMC Market complex were cleaning the forest area and were shocked to find a skeleton hanging from a tree. Circumstances point to a possibility that the man might have died by hanging. As far as I can guess, the incident happened about eight months to a year ago. It can’t be certainly said if he committed suicide or was murdered. The tree from which the skeleton was hung is not so high. Only police investigation can make things clear.”

He further added that a shoe, a gamchha and trousers were lying there.

The police reaction was not been received.

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  • Partha Sarathi nayak