Himansu Shekhar Rout

The DNA report of the third victim in the tragic AC compressor explosion at Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital confirmed that the body was of Dilip Samantaray, a resident of Bang in Jatani area.

However, confusion still persists over the identity of the dead body which was earlier handed over to Dilip’s family for cremation. The hospital has made no formal announcement about whose body was cremated by Dillip’s family earlier while it was suspected that the body was of another victim Jyoti Ranjan Mallick, a resident of Kulabrahmanasailo under Gobindapur Police Station in Cuttack.

On the other hand, Jyoti’s family has planned to perform his last rites by bringing the ashes of the body cremated by Dilip’s family initially. Jyoti was the main bread-earner of his family. After his demise, the family is in distress. 

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Jyoti’s father Ramesh Chandra Mallick said, “Our son is believed to have died about 13 days ago. After the DNA test, we came to know that the third victim was Dilip while the body cremated by Dilip’s family was that of our Jyoti.  I went to Dilip’s house yesterday to bring the ashes, but the family told me that the police have directed the family to hand over the ashes only after the DNA report of Jyoti is available.”

He added, “My family wants the ashes to perform the last rites of Jyoti. He was our only bread-earner.”

Jyoti’s sister Sasmita Mallick said, “When a body was handed over to Dilip’s family, its DNA test should have been done. It would have become clear as to who it was. We want ashes from Dilip’s house.”