Pradeep Pattanayak

A devotee from Gujarat donated two golden ‘chitas’ worth over Rs 75 lakhs to Lord Jagannath on Tuesday. 

The foreheads of Lord Jagannath and His siblings in Puri Srimandir are adorned with a golden mark known as ‘chita’. 

Upon reaching Puri today, Chirag Chinubhai Patel of Ahmedabad in Gujarat got the two ‘chitas’ weighing about 1.75 kilograms consecrated by the chief of the Chhattisa Nijog Janarddan Pattajoshi and senior Singhari servitor Madhusudan Singhari. Then he reached Srimandir in a grand procession and handed over the ‘chitas’ to the temple administration. 

Besides the golden ‘chitas’, Patel also donated three silver crowns for Lord Narayan and Lord Sakhigopal worshipped in Srimandir. 

It is said that the two ‘chitas’ are built as per the measures of the original ‘chitas’ used in Srimandir by special goldsmiths in Ahmedabad. 

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‘It is the blessings of Lord Jagannath without which one can’t do this. He has given me everything and I have given to Him only a portion of it. It was done at the very wish of the Lord,” said Patel. 

“We placed his desire to donate ‘chita’ to Lord Jagannath before the temple administration. The administration agreed to it. Then goldsmiths from Gujarat came to take measures. Today the same were presented to the temple office. In the coming days, these ‘chitas’ will adorn the forehead of Lord Jagannath,” said Chhattis Nijog chief, Janarddan Pattajoshi.

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