Pradeep Pattanayak

There is no denying that reading in Dubai is a dream for any girl from the remotest Bonda Ghati area in Malkangiri district. But this dream seen by Budri Kirsani is going to be true. Yes, she is all set to fly to Dubai from Bhubaneswar airport in the first week of May. 

Born in a poor family, Budri lost her parents when she was a mere child. Her life was full of struggles. From her childhood days, she had a desire to go to school and study. With the help of her three other sisters, she could pass the Matric examinations. Thereafter, she got admitted to the Government ITI in the Malkangiri district. Now, she is reading in the Electronics and Mechanical department there. 

For Budri who has been dreaming to get a government job after completing her higher study, her selection among five students to go to Dubai for higher study is nothing but a blessing for her. 

“Since I am going to a foreign country for the first time, I, as well as my family members, are very happy. I am happy because I will learn many new things there,” said Budri. 

The Industrial Promotion & Investment Corporation of Odisha Limited or IPICOL has selected five students from across Odisha to send them to Dubai to learn more about the lessons relating to ITI. Seeing her dedication and strong willpower, her college authorities had sent her name. The list of students was recommended by the Odisha Skill Development Authority. And Burdi is one of the five luckiest students who have been picked up by the IPICOL. 

“The reason why we selected this girl is her performance in the trade. Her performance in the trade for the last two years has been tremendous. On this basis, we recommended her name to the Directorate of Technical Education. The Directorate of Technical Education recommended her name to the Odisha Skill Development Authority and she was finally selected,” said Satyanarayan Nayak, Budri’s teacher. 

As of now, Budri’s selection has become the talk of the town here in Malkangiri. 

“I am very happy that my friend has been selected to go to Dubai. She will teach us what she will learn there,” said one of Burdi’s friends.

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