Rashmi Ranjan

At a time when Odisha is reeling under intense heatwave conditions with mercury breaching 40 degree Celsius in several places, frequent and unscheduled power cuts have only added to the woes of the people across the State.

The unscheduled power cuts have come as a double whammy for the people across the State including in the State capital who are already struggling to cope with the unbearable heat.

The residents of Ward number-1 in Bhubaneswar alleged they have to spend a sleepless night on Monday due to power cut from 11 pm to 4 am.

“My daughter is suffering from thalassemia and the frequent power cuts have doubled the trouble for her. The power supply was first snapped at 4 pm and restored at 7 pm. Now, the power supply is disconnected since 11 pm and now it is 3 am. There is no sign of power restoration,” a resident of Prashanti Vihar alleged.

“We are struggling due to frequent power cuts. No one is concerned about our suffering,” rued Sangita Parida, another resident of Prashanti Vihar.

It is worthwhile to mention here that the Odisha Energy Minister Pratab Deb had assured that there would be no power cuts in Odisha during the summer season this year.

However, no comments from Tata Power officials could be obtained in this regard.