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A former BJD leader Tanmay Mohanty sustained injuries after unidentified miscreants allegedly attacked him with a knife in Balasore’s Sahadevkhunta area on Sunday. The incident occurred right in front of Tanmay’s residence. 

As per initial reports, Tanmay was coming out of his house when two masked miscreants first pelted stones at him. Before he could understand anything, one of the miscreants stabbed him with a knife before fleeing the spot. Following the attack, Tanmay was admitted to the local hospital, and his condition is said to be stable.

While the reason for the attack is yet to be ascertained, Tanmay accused Remuna MLA Sudhanshu Shekhar Parida and a contractor Prabhat Biswal of being the main conspirators behind the attack. Earlier, Tanmay had brought serious allegations of agriculture scam by Parida which he suspects to be the reason behind the attack.

“I was coming out of my house to go to the market. Meanwhile, the two miscreants, believed to be waiting for me, began pelting stones at me all of a sudden. When I fell down, they attacked me with a knife. There were two of them and I don’t know them,” Tanmay stated.

He further added, “I have serious doubt that they were sent to attack me by Remuna MLA Sudhanshu Shekhar Parida because of the allegations I had leveled against him. Moreover, CM Naveen Patnaik has removed him from the party which ended his political career. So, out of revenge, he sent men to kill me. He has even threatened me earlier that he would kill me.”

“Similarly, I was exposing the corruption of contractor Prabhat Biswal. He has embezzled lakhs of rupees in the construction of the building in Remuna bus stand. When we exposed his evil deeds, he also threatened to kill me. So, I suspect the two Prabhat Biswal and Parida to be the conspirators of my murder,” Tanmay further stated.

When contacted Parida refused to comment on the allegations brought by Tanmay.

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