Himansu Shekhar Rout

President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Odisha Manmohan Samal said that the Central government has provided Rs 18.83 lakh crore to the state government in the nine-year rule of the NDA, but the state government is not giving accounts on how such a whopping central fund has been utilised in the state. 

Coming down heavily on the state government on various counts, Samal accused the state government of failing to return the money of chit fund victims. 

Addressing a presser, the BJP leader assured that the BJP after coming to power will pass an ordinance within 24 hours to ensure the return of the money to the victims.

Stating that his party in Odisha has passed a resolution on Saturday to reach out to people by conducting house-to-house visits during which people will be apprised of the BJP’s mission of Viksit Bharat@2047 and the Modi Guarantee. 
He added that the people having complaints and objections are told to register theirs while there is a need for raising consciousness among the youth. 

The BJP leader said, “All the party workers have to work hard to make the nation developed and prosperous and a Biswa Guru.” 

He also added that the party workers will reach out to people by visiting their houses and holding discussions with them about what the state government had promised and what it has done in the 23-year rule.

“Rs 18.83 lakh crore has been provided to the state government in the nine-year rule of the NDA. We have been asking the state government to give accounts of what was done with such a whopping central fund in Odisha. We are exhausted of seeking for accounts, but nothing is available till date,” he alleged, terming the state government as an irresponsible and undemocratic one. “Neither the government nor the BJD has a democratic system. No one knows who actually runs the government,” Samal observed.  

He also termed the state government as anti-tribal and alleged that the state government is busy with its advertisements in colleges without holding students’ union elections.   

He further stated that the BJP has set a target to ensure electoral success in 147 Assembly seats.

However, reaction of the BJD has not been obtaned.