Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

She is a divyang by birth. However, it has not deterred her spirit. With an indomitable spirit and strong determination to live with full dignity and honour, she aspires to be an IAS officer.

Meet Subhadra Bhoi from Babmburi village under Kandarpur block in Cuttack district. Though Subhadra didn’t have both her hands and legs, she is not dependent on anybody. She helps her parents Babu and Devi Bhoi with all their household chores. Though she doesn’t have palms and feet, she could write, eat and dance quite well. Moreover, she is a brilliant student.

“Sometimes, I become a little bit worried about why God has not given me hands and legs. However, I don’t want to be dependent on anybody. I am determined to read well and become an IAS officer,” said Subhadra with a lot of determination.

Subhadra is now a student at Chintamani Smruti Government Girl’s High School in Athanga. She is preparing for the Matriculation examination this year. However, she is facing a lot of difficulty in coming to school as it is situated far away from her village.

“We have a school up to class VIII in our village. When Subhadra was reading there, she was able to go to the school by her own. However, Subhadra is now reading in class X and she has to go to the High School in Athanga which is a long way from our village. Her elder sister is now taking her to school and bringing her back home every day. I urged the government to help her go to the school independently,” said Subhadra’s mother Devi.

“Subhadra was divyang by birth. We were worried a lot for her. However, as she grew up, we find her to be a talented girl. She learns things very fast. She is helping us with many household chores. She is also a good student. She wants to be self-reliant. We could only giver her blessings and wish her a bright future,” said Subhadra’s father Babu.

All the villagers were in shock to see the newborn divyang child. They were all apprehensive about her future as her parents are poor. However, Subhadra stunned them all with her incredible talent, willpower and strong determination.

“When God deprives somebody of certain things, He often overcompensates in other aspects. Subhadra is a brilliant student. Besides, she has so many other good qualities. She is self-reliant. She and her family are good examples for the society. They are giving us the message that if a divyang child is given proper support, he/she could also be self-reliant and have a bright future,” said a villager.

  • Reported by:
  • Biswajit Acharya