Himansu Shekhar Rout

In a shocking incident, an idol of Lord Jagannath, the revered deity of four crore Odias, was reportedly found abandoned at Nehru stadium in Bhadrak. People and devotees were allegedly hurt to see such an untoward incident after the Bhadrak Lok Mahotsav.

As per reports, Bhadrayani Lok Mahotsav was jointly organised by ORMAS and the Agriculture Department from January 25 to 29. An idol of Lord Jagannath was installed for the festival. The inauguration of the folk festival kicked off with Lord Jagannath's worship. 

It is alleged that since the conclusion of the festival, the idol has been left out in the open. 

The people of Bharak were regaled by the grand colourful festival for which the government spent crores of rupees by roping in Ollywood and Bollywood stars and singers. After the festival, the administration and the organisers allegedly forgot to take care of the idol of Lord Jagannath.

Many devotees condemned the act citing disrespect to the Lord after the idol was left exposed in the sun and dew.
Khiti Samant Behera, a resident of Bhadrak, apparently hurt over the incident said, “It is very unfortunate to see Lord Jagannath abandoned after the festival. The organisers forgot about our ‘aradhya debata’ (revered deity)."

"The administration should not forget the fact that a few days ago, the government made a spectacular show for the Jagannath Prakalap by moving the idols of Lord Jagannath in villages. Then their heart was crying for Him, but what happened at the stadium,” he observed.

He added that these people never love Lord Jagannath and are real 'Kalapahads' for Odisha. “If these people can pay disrespect Lord Jagannath, then it can be judged what these people will do with Odisha,” he lamented.

Reactions from the administration and organisers were not received.

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  • Partha Sarathi nayak