Himansu Shekhar Rout

The Bachhorapatna Sri Jagannath temple at Jatani in Khorda has been locked due to a dispute over 5T funds for renovation due to which, the temple deity has allegedly been forced to remain on fast for the last 18 days. 

As per reports, funds have been allocated for the temple renovation under the 5T Initiative. However, a dispute broke out between Sri Jai Rajguru Club and Bachhorpatana Sri Jagannath Temple Trust. The matter has been taken to the court and since then, the temple has been locked.

All daily rituals of the deities have remained suspended while local devotees and intellectuals have demanded immediate solution to the issue.

Mamata Das, president of Bachhorapatna Sri Jagannath Temple Trust said, “Rs 6 lakh has been provided for the temple. Hochimini Shastri, a member of the Jai Rajguru Club, raised a dispute and did not allow renovation of the temple’s pinnacle (Dadhinauti). The club locked the temple. As we failed to offer worship in the temple, we also locked the temple."

Das also urged the administration to sort out the issue and said that Lord Jagannath should not be kept fasting. 

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Damini Priyadarshini, a member of the Sri Jai Rajguru Club said, "The 5T secretary has allocated funds for the temple renovation and issued a work order to the club for the purpose. Some other people created a disturbance and wanted some money from the fund. We have informed the police about the dispute.”   

However, no reaction was received from the concerned admin authorities