Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

At a time when the whole State is celebrating Raja, a pall of gloom descended on Nimpur village under Pattamundai block in Kendrapara district after a 10-year-old boy was dragged and killed by a crocodile while he was bathing in the Brahmani river on Wednesday.

The deceased has been identified as Ashutosh Acharya, a Class 5 student. The body of the deceased was fished out one hour after he was dragged by a crocodile from the bank of the river.

As per reports, Ashutosh had gone to the bank of the river to attend nature’s call with his mother. When Ashutosh’s mother went to bathe in the river, a crocodile appeared immediately and dragged him. The helpless woman cried desperately for help. Hearing her screams, people from nearby areas rushed to the spot, but couldn’t do anything to rescue the hapless child.

Notably, the crocodiles often turn violent and attack people in rivers during this period as it is the breeding season of the reptiles. Several people become the victims of crocodile attacks during this period in Kendrapara every year. 

A crocodile had dragged a 40-year-old man last year. However, he somehow managed to survive but sustained grievous injuries. Following a long period of treatment, he was cured.

The forest department is creating awareness among the people in Kendrapara about the crocodile attack during this period of time every year by sticking posters on the walls and setting up barricades near the bank of the years. However, some people are still becoming victims of crocodile attacks.

Locals up the ante against Forest department officials

“The Forest department is completely responsible for the mishap. Entire wire fencing of Nimpur village can avoid such problems in the future,” a local resident said.

Pattamundai Tehsildar, Dillip Sethi said, “We have immediately provided Rs 10,000 to the deceased’s family and necessary formalities are being carried out to provide them Rs 6 lakh compensation. We will come up with necessary measures to avoid such incidents in the future.”

“As this is the breeding time for the crocodiles, they have become more aggressive. So I urge people to be extra careful while going into the river,” said Sudarshan Gopinath Yadav, Rajnagr DFO.

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