Vikash Sharma

Criminals beware as the Commissionerate Police has now got an additional boost in the form of advanced technological tools and the Unified Command Control Centre (UCCC). The UCCC was inaugurated by CM Naveen Patnaik on Tuesday.

The new IT platform has a lot of features including surveillance-related features like a facial recognition system. Twin City Police Commissioner, Soumendra Priyadarshi on Wednesday informed that the Unified Command Control Centre will also play a crucial role in law and order, effective policing, and apart from regular crime control and detection, it will be helpful in traffic management and other aspects.

CCTV cameras have been installed in the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar under various projects.

“The footage feed from the CCTV cameras will be received at the UCCC and will be subsequently analysed through Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technology for crime control,” said Priyadarshi.

According to Priyadarshi, whenever a crime happens, the new technology will help us to do a pattern analysis through Google mapping and other tools.

Cyber expert, Prashant Sahu said, “It is Geo mapping and crime records of past years are analysed including nature of crime, place, and time. Be it chain snatching or loot, one can get information about crime patterns and other aspects. Through AI, spots can be analysed from where bikes are being lifted and from where they were recovered.”

Sahu further said that once crime hotspots are identified, police then can take measures like the installation of CCTVs and others.

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