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The 2024 election results have led to massive changes in the political scenario in Odisha. After ruling the state for decades, BJD is now the main opposition party after BJP emerged victorious and formed the government here.

On Wednesday, the BJD elected Naveen Patnaik as the leader of the opposition (LoP) and the legislature party leader. It is for the first time that Naveen Patnaik, who ruled Odisha for 24 years as the Chief Minister, is now the Leader of the Opposition (LoP) in the Odisha Assembly.

Senior Journalist Prasanna Mohanty said, “It is now for the first time that former Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik will now discharge his role as the Opposition leader.”

According to Mohanty, the Leader of the Opposition’s role in the Assembly is very crucial. Change In Naveen Patnaik’s Stand After BJD’s exit from power, BJD leader and former CM Naveen Patnaik himself is now coming to the front and briefing the media.

“BJD had to pay the price for the way senior leaders were sidelined and many had to quit. Now the party seems to be on a course correction path and trying to give importance to the senior leaders again,” Mohanty added.

According to Mohanty, a change in Naveen Patnaik’s behaviour is being observed after the election result shock. “There was a time when Naveen Patnaik was avoiding the Assembly. Now he has to attend the Assembly as the Leader of the Opposition and participate in debates. It is being observed that Naveen is a binding force and BJD cannot move forward without him,” said Mohanty.

Apart from electing Naveen Patnaik as the leader of the BJD legislature party and the Leader of the Opposition, Prasanna Acharya has been elected as the deputy leader of the opposition.

Senior BJD leader Pramila Mallick has been elected as the BJD chief whip and Pratap Deb as the party’s deputy chief whip.

“We had a meeting of the MLAs of the BJD. I have congratulated and thanked them. They have elected me as the leader of the opposition and leader of the BJD legislature party,” said Patnaik.

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