Himansu Shekhar Rout

Assam Chief Minister and BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma has asserted that the BJP will form the government in Odisha in 2024 and he would come to the oat-taking ceremony.

Speaking to the media at the party office in Bhubaneswar after participating in the OTV Foresight 2024 programme, the BJP stalwart reasoned that the BJP got 38 per cent votes in the 2019 parliamentary election and 32 per cent in the Assembly poll. There was only a 4 per cent gap in the winning margin in the parliamentary polls.

“That 4 per cent voters have already come into the BJP fold after the remarkable works by the Modi government at the Centre in the last five years while an atmosphere is already in favour of the party,” he added.

Training his guns on the BJD government, the Assam Chief Minister questioned why the BJP received 38 per cent votes if brand Naveen was working in Odisha.  

“I know the oath-taking ceremony will be held here after the elections and I have to come here. It is the plan of Lord Jagannath. The only thing I know is that the BJP is to serve Lord Jagannath and the people of Odisha. Lord Jagannath will give us a chance this time,” he observed.

BJD leader Parsuram Dhada countered the BJP leader saying, “The BJP leader is showing the vote arithmetic of the 2019 elections, but has not taken the vote share in the last panchayat elections into account. The BJD’s vote share has increased and its candidates have become Zilla Parishad presidents in most districts. The BJP is only daydreaming.”