Pradeep Pattanayak

Like Puri Srimandir, chewing paan and guthka has been banned also at Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar from New Year’s Day. 

As per the direction of the Lingaraj temple administration, none including servitors will be allowed to enter the shrine chewing paan or guthka.  Similarly, chewing such things inside the shrine is also not allowed.  

Likewise, taking puja articles in polythene or in plastic bags has also been banned. 

The temple administration has also taken a decision that only OMFED ghee will be used for cooking prasad. 

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Like any other day, on New Year’s Day, the temple’s door will be opened at 5 am and the regular rituals will be observed. 

In another development, the Lingraj temple administration has asked the servitors to submit their details within 15 days for the preparation of their identity cards. 

“The temple administration has imposed a ban on chewing paan and guthka inside the temple premises. None including servitors will be allowed to chew paan and guthka in the temple.  Polythene bags and plastic glasses have also been banned. It is hoped that servitors and devotees will cooperate,” said the secretary of Brahman Nijog Samiti of Lingaraj temple, Biranchi Narayan Pati.

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