Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Parents are considered incarnations of God in Indian culture. They take all kinds of pain and sacrifice a lot in their lives to grow their children into better human beings. However, there are also inhumane instances when elderly persons are often tortured and neglected by their own children.

In such an unfortunate and tragic incident, an elderly couple is forced to stay in a hospital as the alleged torture from their son was unbearable for them.

Kalandi Mishra and his wife Nayana Mishra, who are the residents of Shankarpur area in Bhadrak, have five children. However, as per the allegation of the elderly couple, their children are not taking care of them. Making things worse, their middle son allegedly thrashed Kalandi and Nayana mercilessly. Being scared by the torture, the helpless elderly couple is staying inside Bhadrak District Headquarters Hospital.

As per the elderly couple, they had come to the medical for treatment after being injured due to the thrashing by their son. Though they have been cured and discharged from the hospital after treatment, they are staying inside the medical as they are scared of their son’s torture. They further alleged that as none of their children are ready to keep them at their houses, they have chosen the hospital as their home.

“We have been discharged from the hospital after being cured. But we have been living here for the last eight days as we are scared of our son who is often thrashing us. If we are driven out of the hospital, we will be forced to live under a tree. But we will never return home again,” said Nayana Mishra.

Local people have demanded the intervention of the administration to extend helping hands towards the helpless elderly couple.

No reaction in this regard could be obtained from the children of the elderly couple or the local police on the allegation.