Himansu Shekhar Rout

Good news for wildlife lovers and activists! As many as 35 Royal Bengal Tigers (RBT) are staying inside the Similipal Sanctuary in Mayurbhanj district. The existence of these big cats was known from the camera traps during the ongoing tiger enumeration and it is believed that their number may rise after completion of the tiger census. 

Prakash Gogineni, the director of the Similipal Sanctuary revealed this information on Monday. He also informed me about the territorial fight between two adult RBTs inside the sanctuary. 

Speaking over the phone, Gogineni said, “The fight broke out between two tigers T-35 and T31 on November 9. Thereafter, sporadic fighting was going on. The T31 had to leave the area. The T35 is believed to have won the fight.”

A video of this fight has been shared by the Similipal sanctuary authorities. It is said that T-31 and T35 are the numbers assigned by the census authorities to the tigers for their specific identities.

He also said that the tiger census is going on and to date, 35 tigers have been spotted through trap cameras. The complete data about the tigers will be known in January and by then the census will be over, he added.

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Wildlife expert AK Singh expressed pleasure over the number of tigers in Similipal Tiger Reserve but underscored the need for strict patrolling and measures to protect the big cats from poaching.

In the related development, PCCF Sushata Nanda has shared two pictures of tigers on his X handle, saying: “In search of new homes. Dispersing males from Similipal Tiger Reserve. What’s unusual about the right photo?”  (SIC)

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