Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, handed over cheques worth about Rs 224 crore dues of the Hukumchand Mill workers to the official liquidator and heads of Labour Union of Hukumchand Mill, in Madhya Pradesh's Indore.

The Prime Minister handed over the cheque during the 'Mazdooron Ka Hit Mazdooron Ko Samarpit' programme in Indore.

Modi in his virtual address said that today's programme is the result of years of penance of our labour brothers and sisters. It is the result of many years of their dreams and resolutions.

"I firmly believe that our labour families will shower their blessings upon the new team of the double-engine government," he said.

Modi said that he has been informed that when the package was announced for the workers of Hukamchand Mill, there was a festive atmosphere in Indore. "This decision has further increased the festive joy among our labor brothers and sisters," he said.

He also remembered former Prime Minister and BJP veteran Bharat Ratna Atal Bihar Vajpayee and said, "Today's event is also special because today is the birth anniversary of Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji and good governance day. We all know Atal ji's relationship with Madhya Pradesh, his affinity."

Referring t the handing over the cheques of Rs 224 crore, the Prime Minister said, "Today a cheque of Rs 224 crore has been handed over as a symbolic gesture. This amount will reach the labor brothers and sisters in the coming days. I know you have faced many challenges. But now the dawn of a golden future is in front of you."

"The people of Indore will remember December 25 as the day the workers got justice. I bow before your patience and salute your hard work," he said.

Modi also said that for him, the four castes in the country are the biggest. "I have always said that for me, the biggest four castes are poor, youth, women and farmers. The Madhya Pradesh government has taken significant steps to transform the lives of the poor. Our priority is to respect and empower the poor and deprived," he said.

He said that the state government has taken important steps to change the lives of the poor.

"Service to the poor, respect for workers and respect for the deprived are our priority. Our effort is that the workers of the country become empowered and contribute in building a prosperous India," he said.

He also pointed out that Indore, which is famous for cleanliness and taste, has been a leader in many fields. "The textile industry here has played an important role in the development of Indore. A large area of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its natural beauty and its historical heritage. Many cities of the state including Indore are becoming inspiring examples of balance between development and environment," Modi underlined.

"The state government is working rapidly to fulfill the resolutions and guarantees given by us during the elections. To ensure the reach of government schemes to every beneficiary, 'Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra' is also reaching every place in Madhya Pradesh.

"Due to elections, this journey has started with some delay in Madhya Pradesh. But within a few days of its start from Ujjain, more than 600 programs related to this have been organised, lakhs of people are getting direct benefits from this Yatra," he said.

"The Double-engine government is committed to restore the glory of Indore. Notably, the investment corridor between Bhopal and Indore is being established. Also, the Indore-Pithampur Economic Corridor and Multi-Modal Logistic Park are being developed," Modi said.

He said that the amount worth thousands of crores is being invested in these projects. "This will not only ensure development and prosperity in the region, but will also generate thousands of employment opportunities for our youth. These developmental projects will strongly strengthen the economy of the region," Modi added.

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