The tableau of Odisha showcased women empowerment in the state as well as its rich handicraft and handloom sector at the Republic Day parade here on Friday. The central part of the tableau highlighted women's involvement in the handicraft and handloom sector through live demonstrations and acknowledged women's adaptation to technology by showing them engaging in cashless transactions and e-platform marketing.

A big umbrella on the tableau denoted the "whole-hearted" support of the central and state governments to the artisans under the "Viksit Bharat" programme.

The rear portion featured a heritage hut of Raghurajpur village, where women play a pivotal role in crafting Pattachitra and masks. The village's transformation into an open museum signified the journey towards "Viksit Bharat".

The "War Horse of Konark Temple" symbolised Odisha's rapid progress in shaping a developed India.

The divine elephant "Kandarpa Hasti" on the tableau symbolised the dedication of Odisha's women to "Viksit Bharat", paralleling the devotion of Gopis to Lord Sri Krishna.

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