Now if you want to browse through details about both Houses of Parliament, i.e. Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, on the Internet, you can login to either of the two URLs: www.sansad.in/ls or www.sansad/rs, or even by logging into any of them.

Once this is done, you will be introduced to a new look website of both the Houses.

What's more, even if one clicks at either of the URLs, there is a link given of websites of both Houses, so there's now no need to enter separate URLs to access websites of both the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament, as was the case earlier.

Also, an interesting aspect on the new Lok Sabha website's homepage is the link to UK's Parliament and to legislative bodies of India, i.e. it takes to links of all legislative assemblies and legislative councils of Indian states.

Though a soft launch at present, Parliament sources said that the new look websites are clutter-free and more easy on the eyes, which has been done to make it more user-friendly.

On the main home page of the websites of both the Houses, one can find latest updates and publications as well as party positions.

In fact, the new look Lok Sabha website also takes you to IRCTC's online railway reservation link.

The new Rajya Sabha website has links to Vice-President (who is the chairman of the Upper House) and the Prime Minister's websites.

Other useful links like details about members, business of the Houses, various committees as well as their meeting schedules and related information, are given in hidden pull-down icons.

So now, if you log into the new look websites of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, you will be welcomed by a more user-friendly interface.