Vikash Sharma

The stage is all set for the reopening of Lord Jagannath temple in Puri from tomorrow (February 1). The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) on Monday released the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which will come into effect from February 1, until further guidelines.

As per the SJTA guidelines, the devotees can enter the temple for darshan of the Lords from 6 am to 9 pm on all days when temple will be open for public darshan.

The revised SOP were finalised at the crucial Chhatisha Nijog meeting which was held on January 28.


1. Devotees can enter the temple for darshan of the Lords from 06:OO amto 09:OO pm on all days, when temple is open for public darshan.

2. However, the Temple will remain closed for public darshan on all Sundays for sanitation activities as a measure to contain the spread of Corona virus disease.

3. All devotees will be required to bring their photo ID Card, namely, Aadhaar /Voter ID or any other photo ID card for identification, along with final certificate for Covid-19 vaccination (of having taken two doses) or Covid-19 negative certificate (RT-PCR) of testing done within 98 hours prior to the visit to the temple.

4- The restriction laid down in point number '3' will remain in force until 17.02.2022. The same will be reviewed again before the expiry of the said date and a revised instruction, if required, will be issued keeping in view the then prevailing COVID situation.

5. It is mandatory for all pilgrims to wear masks at all times, inside and outside the Temple. People flouting the norms will be fined, and may be refused entry to the temple

6. Devotees should sanitize their hands before entering the Temple. There should be strict enforcement for ensuring COVID appropriate behaviour by all.

7. Devotees should maintain physical distance at all times as per COVID-19 guidelines.

8 The temple administration has set-up camp for administering 'Precaution Dose' vaccine to Sevayals in the age group of 18 to 60 years. Efforts will to be made to ensure that all eligible Sevayats are given the same in due time, keeping in view the health of the Sevayats.