Ananya Padhihary

In yet another incident of alleged government apathy resulting in the sufferings of the people, a pregnant woman from Elgal village under Patrapur Block in Ganjam district had to be carried on a sling for more than five kilometers and then cross a river to reach a hospital owing to the absence of motorable road to the hamlet.

As per reports, the woman complained of labour pain late on Wednesday night. However, to the misery of the family, there was no chance of an ambulance or any other vehicle to get near the house as no road connects the area. The hapless family arranged a sling and carried her on their shoulders for more than five kilometers along an uneven muddy track before crossing a river on the way to reach at the Hospital.

The woman was later admitted to the Patrapur Hospital where she delivered a baby girl today.

In another incident, a patient from Bhaliapadar village under Sagada Panchayat in Boudh district was carried on a bicycle to a hospital on Wednesday owing to the pathetic condition of roads.

As per reports, the woman, Alladini Kheti was suffering from fever since last few days. When her condition deteriorated yesterday, her family members immediately called 108 for the ambulance service to take her to the hospital. However, the ambulance could only reach a place which was about one kilometer away from their house and could not proceed further as there was no connecting road to the area.

With no option left, the family members carried Alladini on a bicycle for about a kilometer to reach the ambulance which then took her to Sonepur Hospital where she is undergoing treatment.