Pradeep Pattanayak

While reporting, you have to keep one thing in mind that you have to do justice to the people who are going to watch the story, said OTV’s Managing Director Jagi Mangat Panda, who on Saturday attended a workshop for young women journalists held in Bhubaneswar.

Throwing light on the challenges women journalists are facing on the ground and their possible solutions, Panda said, “Many people will tell you that you didn’t cover their story even if you have covered. You know why? Because you have not covered it the way they wanted it to be covered. But your job is not to see what they want. Your job is to see what is the story. Are you doing justice to the people who are going to watch the story? Are you going to give them the facts of the story?”

On this occasion, it has been decided that as many as 16 women journalists from Odisha who are working on the ground in rural areas will be awarded a fellowship. 

While informing about the workshop, senior journalist Kasturi Ray said, “This time, 16 women journalists have been selected from across the State. Upon completion of the workshop, they will cover stories on working women and their children. They can cover it either in English or in Hindi or in Odia.” 

Senior journalist Sarada Lahangir said, “The main objective of the programme is to empower women journalists, to take their journalistic skill to a new height. There will be mentors who are senior journalists. They will guide them in making good stories. Thus they can hone their skill.”

The two-day-long workshop has jointly been organized by UNICEF and South Asian Women in Media (SAWM).