Pradeep Pattanayak

Dengue is becoming a serious cause of concern in Bhubaneswar with the Capital Hospital receiving on an average five to 10 patients every day. 

According to a source, as many as five Dengue patients took admission to the premier hospital on Friday alone, taking the total number of patients currently undergoing treatment at the hospital to 34.

Informing about the situation, Capital Hospital superintendent Dr Dillip Kumar Panda said, “Like last year, this year too we are receiving Dengue patients on a regular basis. On an average, five to 10 patients are coming to the hospital daily. Similarly, patients are being discharged as well. Now we have a total of 34 patients who are undergoing treatment at the hospital.”

“As part of treatment, transfusion of platelets is being provided. But the availability of platelets depends on the collection of blood,” added Panda. 

When asked about the possible reason responsible for such a spike, Odisha Public Health Director Niranjan Mishra said, “It is natural during the period of pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon to witness spike in the Dengue cases. As of now, the number of patients is increasing because we have scaled up the testing.”

“So far, a total of 2,309 Dengue cases have been detected across the State. And the total number of tests conducted stands at 22,068. During this period last year, a total of 2,878 cases were detected and total number of tests done was 10,833,” said Dr Mishra.