Rashmi Ranjan

With the induction of Advanced Rescue Tender Vehicle (ATR) in July this year, the Odisha Fire Services department has got more power to tackle any kind of natural calamities.

The ATR which consists of over 100 latest equipment and procured at a cost of Rs 3.53 crore was displayed to public during a special programme held at State capital to mark Odisha Disaster Preparedness Day and National Day for Disaster Reduction.

The advanced vehicle can be used to combat cyclones, floods, earthquakes and carryout rescue operation during chemical leakage and high-rise collapse.

Sharing information about the highly-advance rescued tender, a senior officer of Fire Services department said, “The advanced rescue tender vehicle was first inducted to service in 2022. May it be a cyclone, earthquake or flood, the vehicle is powered with over 100 equipment to mitigate any kind of calamities. The vehicle comes fitted with generators helping us to operate electric equipment in case there is no power supply at the site. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with boats to carry out rescue operations during floods.”

“The vehicle can also be used to rescue people if a major fire breaks out at a high-rise building. This advanced rescue tender, which has a seating arrangement for a driver, officer-in-charge and four firemen, helps us to rescue more people in a very less time. The vehicle is also equipped with special safety gears to tackle major fire and chemical leak accidents,” he added.

The ART vehicle also has a victim locating camera to trace people in case someone falls inside a borewell or gets trapped under the debris during a building collapse. Besides, it can operate 60 metre under water. The camera can help the rescue team to locate and communicate with the victim.

Moreover, Odisha is also planning to procure more ATRs to mitigate natural calamities.

(Reported by Bibartan Panda)