Odishatv Bureau

The marital discord between Kendrapara MP Anubhav Mohanty and his actress wife Varsha Priyadarshini continued to escalate with each passing day with the former releasing the third video on their strained marital relationship on Tuesday.

In the latest video titled 'Untold truth part 3', which is longer than 30 minutes, Anubhav criticised Varsha for bringing the family feud to the public and dared her to undergo forensic, lie detection and medical test.  

“Varsha has accused me of bringing the dispute before public. However, her accusation is baseless,” said Anubhav.

“I was the first one to file a petition for divorce in Delhi Court to keep the dignity of both the parties intact. However, people came to know about the matter only after Varsha filed her petition in Cuttack court. Then it was published in different sections of media and people of the State knew about the incident,” said the BJD leader.

Anubhav vowed to knock on the doors of the Supreme Court to bring the truth behind their dispute to the fore.

“I will knock on the doors of the highest possible court of law which is honourable Supreme Court of India to bring the truth to the fore. I will expose each and every truth behind you. I challenge you to undergo forensic, lie detection and medical test,” the actor-turned-politician said.

Two days back, Varsha had lodged complaint against her husband and his family at Purighat police station in Cuttack

In her seven-page FIR, she accused Anubhav of telling concocted story through two videos in order to tarnish her image when the matter is sub-judice. She also alleged that the actor has been assassinating her character by uploading such videos and giving untasteful comments.