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In a fresh twist in the star couple Barsha-Anubhav's marital discord,  Ollywood actress Varsha Priyadarshini on Sunday filed a police complaint against her husband actor-turned politician Anubhav Mohanty and his family at Purighat police station in Cuttack.

In her complaint, the actress strongly opposed the actor making videos viral. 

Accusing Anubhav of mentally torturing her, Varsha mentioned in her complaint that the former is uploading videos while the matter is sub-judice. 

She also alleged that the actor has been assassinating her character by uploading such videos and giving untasteful comments. 

Actor-turned politician Mohanty had released two videos on May 19 and 21 in which he had held his wife responsible for the marital dispute.

While in the first video, he had not taken Varsha's name, in the second video, he mentioned his wife's name.

In the videos, the actor is seen requesting the actress to vacate his house and in turn, he would give her two/three BHK flats. 

Meanwhile, seeing Anubhav in trouble, ex-MP Siddhant Mohapatra and actor Sabyasachi Mishra came forward to advise the actor on their own ways.

"Be patient. Everything will be okay. I think they may have different opinions. My advice to him as an elder brother is to be patient," said Mohapatra. 

Mishra said, "As a friend, it (ongoing discord) hurts me to the core. Like me, all their fans and followers are feeling the pain. I pray to God to reunite them and give them the success in the film industry they are known for."

in this regard, advocate Manas Chand said, "Maximum efforts will be made to reunite them. In the worst case, the party's reasons for applying for divorce will be analysed and if the reasons are acceptable in court, they may get a go-ahead."

Notably, while a case filed by Anubhav is sub-judice at Cuttack family court, another case of domestic violence filed by Varsha against Anubhav is sub-judice at SDJM court.

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