Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

While the current age sadly continues to witness the display of 'animality' by many people, a display of utmost loyalty by a dog towards its companion tells a beautiful story of humaneness within animals.

Recently, a video showing a stray dog seemingly mourning near the body of a man for several hours has taken the internet by storm in Odisha. The incident that reportedly occurred near Bimalagada Bazaar under K Balang police limits of Sundergarh district has touched the hearts of many netizens. 

As per reports, the hapless person who could be seen in the viral video was said to be a beggar while the stray dog used to wander in the area with him as his companion. Locals narrate that the beggar used to share food and exchanged a deep bond with the canine.

However, on March 25, the beggar suddenly passed away leaving the canine devastated. With a broken heart, the animal appeared sulked and listless while lying for several hours near the man's body. 

Finding the body lying unattended for several hours, a police official stepped forward to conduct his last rites. The cop with help of some of his other colleagues carried the person's body on a bier to the cremation ground.   

While there are incidents aplenty that attest the bonding between pets and their parents, however, the incident in Sundargarh seemed to have perfectly established the heart-to-heart connection between a hapless person and stray animal like never before. It also goes a long way to prove that stray animals do have emotions and have sentiments. 

Moreover, the act of the police official, who shouldered the body and conducted the last rites of the homeless man while no one stepped up to show the charity, has set big learning for all.

Netizens have widely appreciated the canine as well as the police official for the act of true humanity that transcends all above in this mortal world. Indeed, such a selfless act of both the animal and human is heart-winning.

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