Mrunal Manmay Dash

The Similipal National Park authority on Tuesday successfully tested drone operation inside the forest for the first time.

As per reports, drones will be used to help forest guards facing problems in the jungle. Besides, they will be used to drop ration and medicines in the interior parts of the forest inaccessible by road.

Moreover, the primary objective of the flying objects would be to help detect fire incidents and help the forest guards douse them easily.

A training session was held for the forest officials on Tuesday to make them used to handling drones during emergencies.

Sources said, the training session was a success and the drones transported water bottles and medicines effortlessly to the targeted areas.

Informing about the same, the Deputy Director of Similipal National Park, Samrat Goud said, "We did a trial run of the drones and demonstrated the operation of the same to our officials."

He continued, "We are happy that the drones performed as expected and our staff are ready to handle them in emergencies."