Cassian Baliarsingh

It is well-documented in the holy scriptures that taking a dip in river Ganga heals diseases and washes away all sins. Even scientific studies have reaffirmed the presence of medicinal properties in many river water.

Something similar was reported from Tankel village under Nandapur block in Odisha’s tribal-dominated Koraput district.

Villagers in huge numbers were seen taking dips in a local pond with the belief that it will cure them of all their diseases. Well, the dip was not on a normal/regular day. The villagers took the holy dip on the occasion of the Lunar Eclipse.

Not just this year, the villagers follow the rituals every year and take a holy dip in the village pond.

On the other side of the pond sits a traditional healer who gives herbal medicines (organic medicines) to the people to cure them of all their diseases. But, the condition is that they have to first take a dip in the pond to get the herbal medicine.

On the orders of the traditional healer, the villagers take a holy dip in the pond and then queue up to take the herbal medicine.

Interestingly, the traditional healer does not provide Ayurveda medicines every day. He comes to the pond only during Solar and Lunar Eclipse.

Villagers have also testified that they have indeed been cured of tuberculosis, typhoid, pneumonia, cholera, dysentery, stomach, heart, and other ailments after following the rituals.

Local hospital authorities are yet to make any comments in this regard.