Devbrat Patnaik

Launched just a few months post the pandemic outbreak to bridge the language and media representation barrier at the national level, OTV’s English channel on YouTube recently received the Silver Play Button award for achieving the landmark one lakh subscriber base. 

Often, people of Odisha feel frustrated when news from the state, small or big, does not reach the masses, particularly in the non-Odia belt. Rightly so, as Odisha that sees devastations due to cyclone almost every year, hosts an array of mega sporting events every year, sees inflow of dozens of VVIPs every year, and as a state which also unfortunately witnesses countless gory crimes every year, was never given the national coverage it has always deserved, language barrier being cited one of the prime reasons.

Hence, the main idea behind launching OTV News, the English YouTube channel of OTV, was to eliminate this barrier by letting non-Odia people know stories and news about Odisha in English.  

The initiative has received stupendous response from audience, the rise in the number of followers vouches for that. OTV News on YouTube is definitely on the right path, just like its predecessor OTV which has been the go-to news channel for Odia viewers in Odisha and outside for years. It’s the growing faith and trust of people that stands testimony to the fact. 

Speaking about the venture, OTV News Editor Radhamadhav Mishra said, “Even when something concerning Odias and Odisha is of national importance, it doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. Many people are deprived because of the language barrier. OTV in Odia has won the faith of people, and stands as the leading news channel and digital media platform in Odisha. Now it’s time to take it to the next level so that even non-Odias would get to know the day-to-day happenings in the state.” 

“The OTV English channel garnering one lakh subscriptions in so quick time has given a boost to the efforts made in this direction. We will continue to strive towards achieving the bigger goal, and reach a bigger audience with all sincerity,” Mishra said.