Cassian Baliarsingh

Potholes have remained an unending menace in Bengaluru. There is a report of accident on a daily basis due to potholes in the City of Gardens. Despite unique protests to draw the attention of the administration to repair the potholes, the pleas of Bengalureans have fallen to deaf ears.

From doing yoga in potholes, partying on the road, moonwalk of astronauts, growing plant on potholes, celebrating Diwali, people of Bengaluru have left no stone unturned to attract the attention of the administration to end the pothole menace, but to no avail. 

However, ministers keep mum by saying that potholes on roads keep happening. They instead ask citizens to refrain from “damning our own city.”

When questioned on potholes, Karnataka IT/BT Minister C N Ashwath Narayan said, “Potholes keep happening. They are a dynamic process. As and when we fill them, new ones come up. So, we shouldn’t keep damning our city.”

Now, people of Bengaluru have no option, but to celebrate ‘Day of the Dead’ like Mexico.


Sharing a post, a Twitter user wrote, "People in Mexico found a unique way to protest against #potholes. Don't know about their statistics but the roads in #Bengaluru are surely becoming the favourite hangout place for Yamraj..!"

Similarly, another user commented, "Bengaluru needs this right NOW.!" while another wrote, "Hello Bengalureans. Here is the Mexico model to protest against potholes."

For the uninitiated, the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico. On this day, family and friends pay respects and remember the dead.


On this day, huge skeletons are seen ‘rising’ from the grounds or potholes to mark the arrival of the dead from the ground. The simulation is recreated by locals to commemorate the Day of the Dead who incidentally, take advantage of making a call to the authorities so that the potholes are repaired. 

Local artists get together to make the scary spectacle, using cardboard and rubble from building sites. Skeletons are seen across the neighbourhood of capital Mexico City. This is an ingenious idea to celebrate the day as well as draw the attention of the administration to repair the potholes. 

The festival has got bigger since it featured in a scene of James Bond film Spectre, which saw Daniel Craig pursue a villain through the streets.


Earlier as a mark of protest, a few women in Bengaluru dressed as mermaids sat near the potholes for a photoshoot to mark their protest. The “mermaids” took to the streets in protest against the deplorable condition of roads.

Similarly, a group of women held a mock outdoor fashion show. They pretended to walk the ramp, hoping that their quirky demonstration urges authorities to act, but to no avail.