Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking incident, a female therapist on Tuesday died by suicide after her lover blackmailed her over their private videos, police said.

Before taking the extreme step, the victim also made a video and revealed her reason of the extreme step. She has been identified as Chamundeshwari, 35.

Before her death, she had made a video where she narrated her ordeal, police said adding that they recovered the video made by the deceased before ending her life.

Based on a complaint by Chamundeshwari's husband, police registered a case against the woman’s lover.

“Following complaint by the woman’s husband, police have lodged an FIR against one Mallikarjun from Andhra Pradesh,” police sources said.

According to police, the victim Chamundeshwari worked at a beauty parlour. She came in contact with the accused Mallikarjun from Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh six months ago.

After a few months of friendship, they both developed an intimate relationship. However, the accused started blackmailing her for money and demanded Rs 2 lakh from her. He threatened to circulate all their intimate videos and photos on social media and also inform her husband about their affair.

Chamundeshwari was in deep mental stress due to the blackmailing. In her last video, she has wished her lover turned blackmailer good luck in life. She also requested him not to trouble any women in future.

Before taking the extreme step, she sent this video to Mallikarjun as well.

During investigation, police found an exchange of WhatsApp calls between them and launched a manhunt to nab the accused who is on the run after the incident.