Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Sounds unbelievable but Kasturi Rath, a breast cancer patient from Sonepur, has been waiting for her biopsy report since 10 months after undergoing surgery at Bhima Bhoi Medical College & Hospital in Bolangir.  Sans biopsy report, even the doctors are now unable to proceed for further treatment. 

Even after running from pillar to post, Rath's grievances seem to have fallen on deaf ears.  Even after raising the matter before the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Minister's office, her issue is yet to be addressed.

As per reports, Kasturi underwent surgery on January 17 at the premier health institute. Ahead of that, the doctor had prescribed her for a biopsy test to study more about her health condition. A sample was sent to Bolangir district headquarters hospital on Jan 12 for the biopsy test at the Nidan center, an integrated laboratory. Further treatment was put on hold as the doctor stressed bringing the biopsy report. 


In general, the biopsy report is obtained within 10 days and the patient has to visit only once. However, in Kasturi’s case, even after running over 100 times in over 10 months, no results were yielded. 

Entrusting government facilities and the tall claims of the government landed the patient in big trouble. The incident clearly shows the apathy and the irregularities of health services, which is included under the 5T initiative. 

“After the first operation, when we requested for the biopsy report, they asked us to come after a month. After that, we had to come to Bolangir in a gap of 15 days to obtain the report, but every time we returned empty-handed,” said Ronak Rath, Kasturi’s son.

Even Bolangir ADMO’s query to private company Tech Med went unanswered.   

Due to financial constraints, the people who entrust to government facilities are left in the lurch.

“We are running from pillar to post, however, but everything went in vain. Who will listen to our cries? All these things have turned our lives miserable,” said Kasturi.

Meanwhile, surgeon, Bipin Kishore Bara said, “We had sent the samples in January. Now it is October, but we are yet to receive the reports. As soon as we receive the reports, we can start Carcinoma chemotherapy.”

“Techmed is in association with us for laboratory testing and diagnostic services. I had inquired about the delay in dispatching the biopsy report through an email, but, their head hasn’t yet replied,” said Prabhat Kumar Rath, ADMO, Bolangir.

Reported by Ghateshwar Mishra (Bolangir) and Manoranjan Joshi