Out of the 27 regional parties which declared receiving donations, 16 parties have declared receiving 1026 donations worth Rs 24.779 cr without PAN details, reveals the Association for Democratic Reforms Report published on Friday. As per the report the regional parties like PMK, JVM-P, AGP and NPF have not provided PAN details of even a single donor in their donations statement.

Out of 53 regional parties analyzed in the ADR report, only 2 had submitted their donations reports to the ECI in the stipulated time period. 28 other regional parties have delayed their submission by a minimum of 6 days to 320 days. There are 23 regional political parties who have defaulted on the submission of their donations reports to the ECI during FY 2019-20, by October 29, said the ADR report.

The total amount of donations declared by 27 regional parties analysed, including both above and below Rs 20,000 was Rs 233.686 cr from 6923 donations.

Shiv Sena leads with Rs 62.859 cr from 436 donations in the total amount followed by AIADMK, which has declared receiving Rs 52.17 cr from 3 donations.

The Aam Aadmi Party is the third highest to get donations among all regional parties with Rs 37.37 cr. The ADR report has found that out of the total donations of Rs 37.52 cr declared by the AAP, only Rs 37.37 cr have been found correct.

The BJD and the YSR-C have declared total donations Rs 28.20 cr and Rs 8.924 cr respectively. The top five parties have received 81.10 per cent or Rs 189.523 cr of the total donations.

The top five parties which declared the highest donations in FY 2019-20 are SHS, AIADMK, AAP, BJD and YSR. Out of these parties, SHS, BJD and YSR-C declared a decrease in their donations while AIADMK and AAP declared an increase in the donations in comparison with FY 2018-19.

Out of the total donations of Rs 233.686 cr declared by the regional parties, Rs 4.884 cr from 421 donations was received in cash during FY 2019-20. This formed 2.09 per cent of the total donations to the parties, said the report.

The ADR report said that regional parties have mentioned Online/RTGS/Cheque as modes of contribution without providing any further information such as bank details for a large number of donations. Out of a total of 6923 donations, the mode of contribution for 1071 donations worth Rs 94.628 cr is incomplete or undeclared. Of these, the mode of payment for 3 donations worth Rs 52.17 cr received by AIADMK is incomplete, the report added.


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