Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Emotional junk is extremely bad for your mental health.
  • It can ultimately lead to serious health and mental issues.

We are well aware that eating junk food can affect our health badly. That is why health experts ask you to avoid fried and junk foods so that your entire body stays in good shape. However, your personality is made up of more than just a body. It also has a mind and if you continue to feed emotional junk to this mind, it can make you confused, anxious and even cause stress in life.

That is why just as you monitor what you feed your body, it is equally important that you watch what you feed your mind. The one aspect that is always disregarded and overlooked is your mental health. But this emotional aspect plays a major role in determining your overall health and well-being.

A study conducted at Yale University has established the fact that people with strong emotions and a tendency to react strongly, particularly by getting angry are more likely to suffer heart issues and die from cardiac arrest.

Beware of emotional junk

What is this emotional junk food that impacts your mental health negatively? It can be everything that upsets your mental balance including grief, worry, anger, fear, ruination, depression, apathetic issues, disgust, frustration, and even inferiority complexes. All these negative feelings are similar to poison that slowly kills your health. They are the silent killers that affect your health sometimes even more than the junk food that you eat on the street-side.

All these negative emotions trigger disturbances in the normal functioning of the body due to which the body releases a stress chemical. This particular chemical saps your energy and increases the speed of aging. As a result, you lose both muscle mass as well as brain cells.

Just as it is difficult for the body to bounce back after a serious health issue, it is equally difficult for the mind to start functioning normally after it has lost its ability to think clearly or make decisions. Emotional junk creates disruptions in learning abilities and can lead to personality disorder, and chronic depression.

Shifting quickly from negative emotions is the right way

To ensure that you do not suffer from any mental issues it is important that you shift quickly from negative emotions into positive ones. Spending long hours and days in anxiety, anger or any type of negative emotions can be dangerous for your emotional health. Make sure that just as you focus on eating healthy, you feed your mind a healthy diet that is full of happiness, positivity, and joy.

If you are a pessimist or have a tendency to worry and get angry, make sure that you consult a therapist, or go to meditation or yoga sessions, but ensure that your mind stays positive and happy most of the time of the day.